Vibritality LLC
Vibritality is owned and operated by Priscilla Galloway, PT, NTP.  It was created to be able to reach as many people as possible with the real whole food message she has to share and to help people begin their journey's to optimal vitality.  Helping people with their weight loss is a passion of Priscilla's.  Additionally Priscilla wishes to help people, through nutritional consulting, improve their preconception nutritional stores and improve their fertility.  She works with couples planning to create a family, helping them develop the best eating plan to optimize the health of their babies.  How nourished the bodies of both parents are prior to conception has a huge impact on the health of developing baby - quite probably this is even more important than what is eaten during the pregnancy.  So much of the developing baby is created prior to the mother being aware of the pregnancy, so preconception nutrition is very important.  Fertility is very dependent on good blood sugar regulation since that has a profound effect on our hormones.  Currently with our SAD(Standard American Diet) there is a very high level of fertility troubles that can't be traced to a actual defect in the hopeful parents.  Much of this can be turned around with eating whole real foods. There is also a mineral that many are deficient in that causes lowered sperm count and  sperm viability.  Priscilla can test though LNT(Lingual Neural Testing) to determine if a person is deficient in this mineral and test to determine when the person is sufficient in this mineral.